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CSV Data Upload Feature for Training Records Management
In many organisations, the management of training records is essential for compliance, skill development, and organisational growth. However, the diverse array of LMS' and record-keeping systems used within our organisation often leads to fragmented data and inefficiencies. To streamline this process and establish a single source of truth, we'd like to implement a CSV data upload feature within InTuition. By integrating the CSV data upload capability, InTuition can function as the only source of truth for managing training records, ensuring heightened accuracy in our reporting via PowerBI. Feature Details: Must haves: Bulk Data Import: Enable users to upload multiple lines of training records data via a CSV file. This feature will significantly reduce the time and effort required for MANUAL data entry, especially for large volumes of training records. Nice to haves: Flexible Data Mapping: Provide a user-friendly interface that allows users to map the columns in the CSV file to corresponding fields within InTuition. This flexibility ensures compatibility with various formats and structures of CSV files exported from different LMS and record-keeping systems. Validation and Error Handling: Implement robust validation mechanisms to ensure data integrity and accuracy during the import process. Identify and flag any errors or inconsistencies within the CSV file, enabling users to rectify issues before finalising the import. Preview and Review: Offer users the ability to preview the data from the CSV file before initiating the import process. This preview functionality allows users to verify the data mapping and make any necessary adjustments to ensure the accuracy of the imported records. Historical Tracking: Maintain a comprehensive audit trail of all imported training records, including details such as the date of import, user responsible for the import, and any subsequent modifications made to the imported data. This historical tracking feature enhances transparency and accountability within the system.

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