We all need to regularly update organisational structures within INX. We also like to make class values inactive to keep it easy for end users to ascertain the structure and their workgroups.
The issue is that a number of versions ago, the decision and change was made to clear/de-select the value of an inactive class value so that it appears as null.
The issue with this is as per above. If we need to make structural changes, we have to:
  1. Make the class value active again;
  2. Change the structure as required; then
  3. Deactivate the class value again...
Literal waste of time...
Also, for those that don't know, you will end up large numbers of workgroups that are not linked to class members - the system doesn't tell you it has removed them... (just says "Workgroup details updated successfully"
I cannot see any reason that any company would would to default the value to null. If you want null, select null.
Change the logic so that if we make changes to the structure (and the selected class value is not changed) stop removing inactive class values - leave them as they are.
Note: I agree that as it is, if the class value is inactive, it shouldn't appear in the dropdown.